HOHNER – the brand for professionals and amateurs 

150 Years – more than just a lifetime.

150 years of Hohner.  Five generations of employees, artists, and master craftsmen with an unwavering commitment to excellence in the art of music making. 

To honor this dedication -- through both difficult and prosperous times -- Hohner is proud to introduce the culmination of generations of expertise and experience.  A new standard in accordion design: The Masterpiece Collection.

Perhaps the most essential new contribution to the world of piano accordions is the Morino V de Luxe -- Masterpiece Collection. Gold plated metal and elegant wood finishes embody this instrument’s luxuriousness and fine character.

Our popular Corona accordion has been the preferred choice for TexMex and Conjuno style music.  To commemorate our anniversary, we present this exciting new edition to the Corona and Masterpiece Collection lines.  Decorated with gold plating, this accordion sports a crown design imprinted on the bellows: a sign of the instrument’s superior construction and quality.