Corona III V Xtreme - new features for professionals 

Corona III V Xtreme

As the Latin music scene develops, so grows the  need for more extreme forms of expression. Hohner's new Corona Xtreme line addresses just those needs. Whether its  Norteno, Vallenato or Tex Mex, The Corona Xtreme provides more playing options and extreme comforCorona III V Xtreme, 3 voices per note in MMM double tremolo tuning and with a 34 button keyboard, the perfect combination for that classic Hohner Vallenato sound.

 Colors: Available in black or white perloid, red perloid, grey perloid other colors on request
 Key combination:  A/D/G, Bb/Es/As, G/C/F, F/Bb/Es , E/A/D
 Buttons:  34 (3 rows)
 Notes:  68 diatonic
 Chorus:  3, MMM  double tremolo
 Registers:  5
 Bass buttons:  12
 Chorus:  6
 Registers:  -
 Sizes in cm:  31 x 21
 Weight in kg:  5,7
  padded straps  
  Gig Bag  
order number  
 namepart number
 A/D/GA 520x
 G/C/FA 522x
 F/B/EsA 524x
 B/Es/AsA 526x
 E/A/DA 528x